SEO Optimization Services

What is the main goal of SEO optimization?

Professional web design is not enough to get your website visited. It is necessary that when users enter a specific keyword in the search box, they find your site among the first in the search results. The role of SEO optimization is to attract as many targeted visitors from search engines as possible to your website.

The benefits of website optimization for Google

Nowadays there are a large number of search engines in the world while their usage mainly depends on geography. For example, Yandex is very popular in Russia, while Baida is mainly used in China. According to a survey conducted in late 2016, 4 major search engines stood out:

Since the majority of Internet users use the Google search engine, it is advisable to use the rules proposed by this company when optimizing the website.

Optimization process and methodology:


Contact our team of experts who will perform a detailed assessment of the current state of your website and determine a long-term optimization and promotion strategy. Competitive research, analytics with a particular focus on planning and executing an advertising campaign.

Onpage Optimization

This includes ordering and serving microformats, validating code, ordering titles, meta elements, optimizing performance, and page loading. Write and add quality and relevant content on your website, start a blog and define categories and subcategories depending on the target end users.

Offpage Optimization

Defining the off-page strategy, promoting, opening and managing the company's social network accounts, launching a campaign to build backlinks on blogs in a similar industry (niche) and with similar themes. We log into Google Maps, open the company pages in Google's Google My Business service and link them to the website.

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